Tuesday, April 1, 2008

World's most expensive car wax cleans both your car and your wallet

If you thought paying $99 at the local Buff 'n' Shine for a wax and detail was a bit of a rip, you've probably never come across the products from Swizöl of Switzerland. Their top of the line Divine wax is "blended for a very limited number of collectors and enthisiast each year," and is specially formulated for the exact type of paint and color of the customer's car. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and a hand-engraved plaque bearing a serial number and the owner's name. You get all of this for a mere 1,800 Euros, or about $2,750. At that price, their entry level Onyx wax at $95 looks like a relative bargain, which I guess is the idea.

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