Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Tallest Building In The World Is Burj Dubai

Dubai makes history! As of today, you can find the tallest man-made building in Dubai. The skyscraper is called Burj Dubai (burj means tower in Arabic) and the tower overtook the Warsawa radio mast in Poland which measures 646 meters. The Dubai-based skyscraper measures 650 meters and it’s expected to get even bigger and will reach 819 meters to the aircraft beacon.
Dubai should hurry up with the Burj because Kuwait’s Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir will be finished in 2012 and will measure 1,001 meters. Until then, Dubai will be very proud of their achievement and I’m guessing that they could start a project to make it even taller and to compete against Burj Mubarak Al-Kabir.

Check out the video below with the video of the Burj Dubai designed by Adrian Smith, and at least for the moment, the tallest building in the world ever.

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Bullet Points: 8 Diets That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants

Have you ever come out of the bathroom and proclaimed to anyone listening that you feel ten pounds lighter? You may have had one of these popular diets to thank. Forget about eating right and exercising. The truth is that we’re all just full of crap.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

The apple cider vinegar diet

Considered a fad diet by some, it’s not really clear how effective it is because it's supposed to be used while moderating your portions and watching the nutritional composition of the food you eat. Those two things will help even without the step below.

The idea here is that you're supposed to take one, two or three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with each meal. That’s the byproduct of fermented apples, or, essentially, the soft, squishy brown spots on apples that -- when combined with your meals -- are like coating your burrito with the world’s best anal lube. In one end and out the other in record time.

Hollywood Diet

the hollywood diet

This one is as easy as drinking a bottled laxative, which is pretty much what it is.

The Hollywood Diet suggests that if you are a first time user, you should take it on a day off or a weekend. Meaning, "You won’t want to be more than two feet from a toilet the entire time." Now, picture your favorite Hollywood starlet making the 100 meter poop dash in less than 3 seconds. She just got a lot less hot.


the diet pill alli

Alli is a weight-loss pill. It attaches to enzymes in your digestive system and prevents them from breaking down about a quarter of the fat you eat. That undigested fat passes through the body naturally and resembles something like the oil on top of your pizza. And now that you have that picture in your head, you’ll never eat pizza again. See? The diet is already working.

Here are a few more things to look forward to.

  • Gas with an oily anal discharge
  • Loose stools or diarrhea
  • More frequent bowel movements
  • Hard-to-control bowel movements

Where do I sign up?


eliminate ropes of mucoid plaque with colonix

With a name like Colonix, you know it’s good.

Colonix, aside from being a diet aid, also helps with health issues. It can clear up acne, sore gums, rashes, gastrointestinal distress and constipation -- especially that last one, as is seen here in a customer review in which the 'customer' raves a little too excitedly about eliminating a "huge rope of mucoid plaque."

If I ever eliminate a huge rope of anything… I’m not telling.

Hallelujah Diet

hallelujah diet

This is a low-calorie, vegan diet made up of raw organic foods and faith. It's the only biblically-based diet on here and was developed by a reverend who must have had his confessional converted into a port-o-potty.

Some other things included in this holy diet are “adequate rest and sufficient amounts of sunshine”. I sure somewhere it also mentions rainbows and angels. The faith part comes in when you are praying to anyone who will listen through the bathroom door because you need your third roll of toilet paper.

Oxy Powder

oxy powder

Another product that targets the colon like specially trained butt-sniper.

Oxy Powder is like the pristine snow of a downhill ski slope. And that snow covers your lower intestines. Your fecal skier is off the lift and headed for the bottom of the mountain. Then comes the avalanche of noisy bowel sounds and intense cramping , and you can only hope for a Sonny Bono ending.

South Beach Diet

the south beach diet

Developed by a cardiologist but praised by proctologists, the South Beach Diet is a three phase program that minimizes the consumption of “bad carbohydrates and bad fats.” It also minimizes the wallpaper stability in your bathrooms.

Aside from the ketosis (a physiological state associated with chronic starvation), heart palpitations, headaches and lightheadedness, the South Beach Diet also causes “excessive fluid loss”. Guess which fluids and which orifice you’ll be losing it from.

The Master Cleanser

the master cleanse:  syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper.

On the Master Cleanse Diet, you drink a beverage (no food) made from lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days.

The idea probably came from some poor, starving person barely surviving on the meager supplies they had left in their pantry who concocted the Master Cleanse on accident. This would make it ironic, as it is now one of the most popular diets for the rich and famous.

You will see a dramatic weight loss… if you don't drop dead first. Though you’ll wish you did once the spicy, cayenne laced turds come blasting out of your colon.

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Sheyla Hershey wants more breast Implants

Burger King To Offer Huge Burger Meant To Feed 6 People?

Continuing our occasional coverage of strange foods that US companies offer in other parts of the world (Cucumber Pepsi? Strawberry Cheetos?) meet the "coming soon" Burger King 6-pack.

UK business site Brand Republic says:

The 6 Pack, which costs £4.49 on its own or £5.69 as part of a meal, comprises one big Aberdeen Angus patty inside six rolls, stuck together to allow consumers to tear off portions. In one pair of rolls the burger is topped with ketchup, the second has a cheese topping, and the third bacon and cheese.

Supposedly, this item is going to help BK compete with "pizza." Why not just offer 6 little burgers? Who wants to tear apart a giant patty? Can this be real? Our head hurts. Would you eat this?

Burger King launches a burger for six to share [Brand Republic]

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Fist Bumping Rules

fistbumpWe’ve all done the fist bump. Maybe your team just scored, maybe you just bowled a strike, maybe you just won a rap battle. These are all acceptable times to bump fists with a friend. The picture on the right, however, illustrates a time where it is definitely NOT okay to bump fists.

In case you’re wondering, these guys were celebrating the completion of a deal that brought a 42-mile rail corridor into public ownership.

Yeah, I know. That’s fucking boring. Look, if the fist bump is brought into areas where it clearly does not belong, where does it end? Will Obama get a fist bump from Bill Clinton right after he’s sworn in? Will we, someday soon, see a surgeon give a tearful wife a bump after successfully removing her husband’s brain tumor? Are you gonna fist bump your buddy after he sucks the rattlesnake venom out of your inner thigh?

So in an effort to help you out, we here at TastyBooze have devised a simple set of rules to aid you in appropriate fist bumping.

1. If sports are involved, fist bumping is always acceptable.
2. If you are wearing a suit, you may only fist bump if you are drunk. Or if you have just wrapped part of your suit around your forehead.
3. You may not fist bump under any circumstances, in a hospital. Unless Rule #1 (or Rule #2) applies.
4. Do not fist bump someone else’s misfortune, even if it helps you. Just look down, furrow your brow, and nod sternly.
5. No fist bumping between the hours of 7am and 10am. And if you’re watching sports at this time, it’s probably soccer or NASCAR, and then you should really not be fist bumping. High fives will suffice for both.
6. Do not fist bump in a meeting. Even if you are drunk.
7. Do not fist bump your children. Unless you’re drunk, then it’s OK.
8. Girls can fist bump anytime they want. And yes, guys think it’s cute.
9. Do not refuse a fist bump. If you, as a bumpee, believe the bumper is violating a rule, speak to him afterwards. Refusing his bump is not going to help anything.
10. Do not fist bump yourself.

Happy fist bumping, kids! And if any of you have any photographic examples of bad fist bumps, send them to us, and we will make it known!

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1950s ’til Today – Prom: The Ages and Stages

Prom is an American tradition as true and blue as fireworks and corndogs. We can all look back and smile on the times of brace-faced kisses, first dances with “belt-buckles” rubbing into our crotches, and endless bottles of Smirnoff Ice. In American culture, prom is a rite of passage, a time to slut it up and break out our most stylish get-ups. Let’s take a little promenade to the proms of yester years …

Prom 1950

Photo source: ute_w68, David Zellaby on flickr (cc)

In the fifties, they slow danced under the disco ball to Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender” and went home with their virginity intact. (So they say … )

Prom 1960

Photo source: lobstar28, David Zellaby on flickr (cc)

The hot song choice in the sixties was the Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry, Baby” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by the Shirelles. The ladies’ dresses were purchased at Montgomery Wards and Sears.

Prom 1970

Photo source: vision63, Jack Russel Terror on flickr (cc)

The seventies was a time of big hair, big glasses, and big dresses. The buzzy and free-flowing teeny-boppers slow danced to Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now.” The sexual revolution made prom a lot, lot more exciting.

Prom 1980

Photo source: lobstar, treehorn on flickr (cc)

How I love the eighties! Prom was a time of huge bangs, coke-bottle curls, and poofy fluorescent dresses. The music was totally tubular from “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey to “Almost Paradise” by Ann Wilson and Mike Reno.

Prom 1990

Photo source: Jeffery Putman, Cherie Priest on flickr (cc)

The nineties—a time of neon colors and Boys II Men—they danced until “The End of the Road.” The dresses got sluttier, the cummerbunds got flashier, and the teenagers got drunker.

Prom Today

Today’s prom-goers wear as little as possible and grind to Usher, Beyonce, and Gwen Stefani. They get sloppy-drunk, pregnant, and make bad decisions. I can’t wait until it’s time for my little one to head to the prom …

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Generation Y Has No Culture

One subject that I have always been interested in is the cultural impact of generations. Each generation brings different changes to the cultural landscape and leaves a lasting impact. Well… except for generation Y or “generation whine” as some cynical experts call it.

First let me define what generation Y is. Gen Y is basically includes anyone that was born after 1981. The previous generation, Gen X, is anyone that graduated high school in the 1980s. (Which puts me in this odd category because I don’t fall into either group. This allows me to criticize both without having to take sides, which is a nice bonus.)

Most of the criticisms of Gen Y are that they are distracted (always multitasking but never doing a good job), feel a sense of entitlement, they are the most marketed to generation ever (not only do they accept it, they relish in it), have chosen to date or have sex with me (which says something about their taste), and there is a gaping void when it comes to cultural contributions. I feel the first couple of points can be debated because they always seem like a typical swipe at younger generation that happens every few years. The one I want to look at is the cultural contributions because you can see some real issues there.


Generation X: Grunge, Hip-hop, and Indie Rock
There really is no debate about the lasting contributions of the music of this era. Although everyone want to distance themselves from Vanilla Ice, which everyone in generation x agrees about.

Generation Y: Pop punk?

(Fall Out Boy doesn’t make me want to beat it… )

Gen Y’s music can be defined as wholly unoriginal and the band Fall Out Boy personifies it. They aren’t original enough to come up with their own video concepts; they have to adapt stuff that was created by the generation before them. Their pop music is prepackaged Disney stars that are created by a massive marketing machine. There is no real movement here, mostly co-opting the culture of the previous two generations.


reality bites

Generation X: Kevin Smith, Reality Bites, Singles
Gen X had movies and filmmakers that helped define a generation. We are all lazy, mistrusting, weed smoking, coffee swilling, cynical smart asses… I have come to accept that personification. Oh and we all want to bang a young Wynonna Rider.

Generation Y: All those crappy comedy parody films
The comedies that are created for teens aren’t even original to come up with their own ideas. It is all prepackaged pop culture references jammed into 90 minutes. I’ll even give you Juno and you still just have a shit load of pop culture references and nothing that defines that generation.

Reality Television

Generation X: The Original Real World
We gave you a show that talked about race. That had Kevin Powell who is going on and running for Congress. Musicians who actually put out music and got signed by labels like Becky, Heather B, and Andre. Plus a founder of Gay Entertainment television. And who can forget Eric Neiss who brought us… um… uh… excellent aerobics shows?

the grind

Generation Y: The Hills and the Real World Hollywood

It isn’t a good sign that even Gen Y’s reality television turned out to be scripted and fake. Plus when you look at the shift generationally from the first few Real World seasons to the last few where the shows just include attention whores and people that want to be famous for being famous… Well it isn’t a good sign.

real world stripper

Although it did bring us the greatest episode of the Real World ever that included court, strip clubs, a guy going to rehab, threats to roommates, some of the most pointless conversation ever, and possibly cemented this cast as the one I have the most disdain for ever. So I guess I need to give them points for that.

Where does this place Gen Y? Are they just going to be known for the mash-up? Combining the cultural production of others into their own products?

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