Saturday, July 26, 2008

Using Music For Better Sleep

Did you know you can use music to help you sleep better? It might sound silly, but it’s true. Soothing music, or really any music that you like and that comforts you or makes you happy, can make you more relaxed and help you be less anxious, even if you don’t consider yourself an anxious or nervous person. This doesn’t mean that it will necessarily put you to sleep while you’re listening to it, especially if it’s rock and roll or another heavy style of music. However, music that makes you happier and more relaxed can lead to sleeping better simply because you feel better overall.

In studies of older women done within the last five years it was shown that they slept better when they listened to music that they liked before going to bed. It helped them fall asleep faster and sleep longer. If they woke up during the night and could turn the music back on and listen to it, they also fell asleep more quickly and didn’t wake up as often. In theory, this kind of ‘therapy’ would work for anyone. Music really does soothe the savage beast – and helps it sleep better, too.

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