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Monday, October 20, 2008

Saint Arnold Brewery’s Tie-Died Bentley

Posted by HarleyJane

I live down in Houston, TX. A couple of times a month, I like to go and take ‘tours’ of the Saint Arnold Brewery, which also happens to be Texas’ oldest craft brewery. Of course, when I say take a tour, that really means that I pay $5 and listen to the history of the brewery, then I get to drink the freshest, most delicious beer I’ve ever tasted.

Well… over the weekend, I was at a local farmers market. It just so happened that there was a Vintage British Car Show going on at the same time. To my surprise, the (elusive) Saint Arnold Tie-Died Bentley was being showcased.

Images of Saint Arnold’s Tie-Died Bentley:

Saint Arnold's Tie-Died Bentley
Front View of Saint Arnold's Tie-Died BentleyRear View of Saint Arnold's Tie-Died Bentley
Side View of Saint Arnold's Tie-Died Bentley
Top of the Trunk

If you’re ever in Houston, I would highly encourage you to check out the Saint Arnold Brewery. Or at least ask to try a pint at whatever bar or pub you may be visting while you’re in town. Alot of Houstonian’s drink it, so most of the bars should carry it. My favorite beer is the Lawnmower, but they have many different beers that you may enjoy instead.

Learn more about the Saint Arnold Brewery on their wikipedia page. Or check out the story of St. Arnold, the Patron Saint of Brewers.

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