Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama’s Favorite Pizza At The Inauguration

pizza Obamas Favorite Pizza At The InaugurationMichael Pollan wondered what the next President-elect would do about the food problems in our country. Well we’re now getting our first taste of food as it relates to Obama. Unfortunately what we’re being told is a fluff piece of little consequence. It seems that the pizza shop which makes our next President’s favorite pizza will be on hand to provide pie for the inauguration.

Patti Harris-Tubbs and her husband will fly out with their secret ingredients to help the Ritz Carlton recreate the pie from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria. The pizza won’t be part of the elegant dinner party, but rather handed out at the less glamorous locations. When talking to the Joliet Herald News Harris-Tubbs said that her immediate response to being asked for her pizza at the inauguration was, “Is this a joke?”

I don’t know if it’s a joke, but it’s quaint. And I guess that’s OK. But does anyone else feel that the PR spin is already at work? Bush was the President you’d have a beer with supposedly – personally I think he was the President you needed to get drunk to even believe the stuff coming out of his mouth – and now Obama will be the President you’d spend the afternoon sharing a whole pizza pie with.

Italian Fiesta Pizzeria
1400 East 47th Street, Chicago IL 60653

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