Monday, December 15, 2008

Strange religion in India - temple devoted to rats

Believe it or not, in a small village of Deshnok in India lays a beautiful temple - devoted to rats. Yes you read it well - Karni Mata temple is devoted to RATS. Every day hundreds of worshipers of the Hindu goddess Shri Karniji make the long pilgrimage to this shrine. Shri Karniji is reputed to have lived for 151 years, and it’s said she was capable of miracles. Today in her temple you can find a large number of rats. Her followers consider that all people reincarnate as rats, and vice versa.

In the whole history of this temple there hasn’t been a single case of disease caused by rats. The worshipers say that these rats are clean and healthy unlike other “house” rats. Believers not only feed the rats but they also eat food which the rats have already nibbled, or sit down and eat with them from the same dish - considering it’s a blessing.

There is a big mystery about how these rats reproduce. These rats don’t left the building and there are no rats coming in it. The reason people started to discuss about this is that no one has ever seen baby rats in the temple

The white rats are said to be a manifestation of Karni Mata, there are very few of them, and seeing one is rare. They say that touching them can bring you luck for life.

Here is a video report from this temple:

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