Monday, January 26, 2009

Domino's and Subway's fight turns nasty

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In the food hierarchy, Domino's and Subway's feud is like watching two Jerry Springer guests beat the living shit out of each other: You have no vested interest in who wins, you just want it to be entertaining.

This feud just got more entertaining.

It had to do with Domino's taste test comparison commercials. I've already written how commercials are illogical but Subway went further and said the ads were unfair. So Domino's CEO, David Brandon, said screw them. Last night, in a new commercial, he lit a cease-and- desist letter from Subway on fire.

As for why Subway thinks the ads are unfair, it has to do with the methodology of taste tests. According to Subway's CEO, Domino's only "did the comparison against three sandwiches and have written the ads to suggest that the results are relevant across the whole product line" and didn't compare competing sandwiches to each other.

Subway has yet to respond. But if the company is smart it will keep the lawyers out of this and have Jarrod challenge Brandon to a fight. Jarrod has been seen in YMCAs of late so it's possible he's getting in shape for something.

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