Friday, January 9, 2009

My Atheism Is Not A Rejection Of Your God

Written By BGH

First and foremost it is a disbelief in a spirit-creator being who rules the universe. The idea and belief that there exists an unseen, cognitive, non-corporal being that either intercedes in human affairs or abstains, is a neural process which does not operate in my mind. Efforts throughout my life to 'feel the holy spirit' or obtain this 'truth' as the faithful call it, have proven themselves to be frivolous. Though at one time many a concerted effort were made on my part to believe in and rationalize the god-being in which so many seem to have 'faith', it became evident I was not capable.

So, while you may see my disbelief as a rejection of your god, or a denial of what I 'know' in my heart, neither is true. You may preach or cite scripture, neither could ever give me the proof I desire, my disbelief is the result of a default position. It is reasonable to hold the default null posture until sufficient proof is given to convince for a change in status. There does not exist a hatred of 'god' that is assumed by many a believer, it is impossible to hate what one views as non-existent, but I do take issue with the actions carried out in the name of religion and the anthropomorphic attributes placed upon a supposed 'higher being".

Efforts to keep government secular and free of proselytization for god, whether specific or ambiguous, are not a display of hatred for your deity, merely they meant to demand an adherence to the constitution and require that the government remain neutral in the matters of faith. A display of a nativity, a menorah or any other religious symbol on, in or around a taxpayer funded government building or land by default endorses one or some faiths over others or none, immediately negating constitutional demanded neutrality.

Do not take offense at atheism as a rejection of your favorite deity, it is a disbelief in all deities and what I hate is the anthropomorphic characters described by world religions and the acts carried out in their names.

Remember: Given enough time all gods and goddesses die, they are then merely replaced with new mythology.

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