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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Top 10 Absolute Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

Are you one of those that can never seem to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Does seeing rows and aisles full of teddy bears and chocolates make your eyes glaze over? Well, we can’t tell you what to buy your sweetheart this year, but we can sure tell you what NOT to buy!

1. A CACTUS -This year instead of buying the voluptuous, sexy dozen roses you gave a cactus. You think roses die out and wilt. A cactus on the otherhand can live forever…just the exact message you want to say about your love. But trying to tell her your love is forever with a cactus is a definite wrong move…it’s almost just as bad as giving fake flowers!

2. HELLO KITTY FASHION CONTACTS -Your honey is into the latest fashion trends and knowing your significant other wears contact lenses, you think the perfect gift is a pair of Hello Kitty contact lenses!

3. A TREADMILL- She always says, “I don’t have the time to go to the gym. I wish I could just workout at home”. So then an “A-HA” moment for you….I should just get her a tredmill so she can workout at home. WRONG! Although these pieces can cost thousands, your loved one may feel insecure with the message they believe you are trying to send about their weight and fitness level!

4. SMALL KITCHEN ELECTRICS AND APPLIANCES-They loved the way the light reflected from the diamond jewelry. She likes things that shine. But imagine the surprise when your gift is opened and all they can see is how the light reflects off of the small stainless kitchen appliance! That might be the only thing cooking on this night! Bling is good, but not this kind of bling!

5. TWO PERSON TOILET-You’re both bothered that you don’t get enough time together. You like gazing into her eyes and she likes gazing into yours. So you think…perfect the two person toilet seat! But this is taking quality time into a whole other, weird level. I bet there will be more thoughts than just “Now we can share our magazines!”

6. FAKE DOG POOP-You both love your dog and thought it was the most adorable thing to buy the fake poop that spells the words “I love you”! Now you’ve definitely brought whatever romantic mood there was to a screeching halt! Buy them this and you’ll be in the dog house for sure!

7. GAS STATION HOT DOG GIFT CERTIFICATE-You both like going to the stadium to watch baseball games and grab a few hot dogs. But this doesn’t mean she wants those hot dogs as her present. Thinking you’re being sentimental, you quickly stop at the gas station to get a gift certificate for a quarter hotdog……yeah at least you remembered your moments at the ball park, but you definitely forgot your sense of romance. This move is a definite FAIL!!!

8. A BOOK THAT WAS ALREADY GIVEN TO YOU- You know they love to read and collect books. So you found one that you had at home that didn’t look so dated. But she opens the cover to find that the person who originally gave it to you already wrote a personal note in it to you! Regifting a book may work on any other occasion, but not this one!

9. BATHROOM SCALE-You notice the bathroom scale she has is old and outdated. You think I should give her a brand spanking new fancy schmancy digital bathrrom scale to replace it…..SO WRONG. The message you may be trying to send is–I saw your old one and thought you’d appreciate a brand new one. The message she’ll get is–I think you’re fat and need to pay closer attention to your weight. Buy this and get ready for a lonely night buddy!

10. REGIFTING A GIFT YOU ALREADY GAVE TO YOUR EX-You found an old gift you once gave to your ex for Valentine’s Day but it was given back to you when you both broke up and so you stored it away in your closet. So you rewrap it and give it to your new significant other passing off as something you actually bought to show your affections for them! The trouble is – I bet they have already seen it in your house!

If you don’t want to be out in the cold and alone next Valentine’s Day, take more care when choosing your gift.

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