Wednesday, March 11, 2009

R35 + M35 = First Nissan GT-R Wagon!

By Ray Wert

What you're looking at is an 'R35' Nissan GT-R front end welded to the back two-thirds of an M35 Nissan Stagea. It's called the ‘StaGT-R' and it's on show at the Nagoya Auto Trend show.

GT-R Frankenwagon

Now, this isn't not the first time the head of a GT-R has been frank-chopped onto a Stagea -– it's a popular swap in Japan -– but it's the first we've seen for the all-new GT-R. This GT-R wagon's been put together by the Japanese tuning house Kids Heart.

Obviously no one over there's been reading the GT-R manual. [Northwest Nissans via The Motor Report]

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