Monday, July 11, 2011

News of the World's best ever front pages Read more:

By Sam Parker

News of the World front pages

Last week, James Bond baddie Rupert Murdoch and his evil henchman James Murdoch surprised us all by announcing that today will be the last time ever that the News of the World goes to print.

In the wake of still-growing phone-hacking scandal, the News International overlords decided the popular rag's time was up, while cLinkuriously standing by Rebekah Brooks, the woman who presided over the whole messy business in the first place.

And so, as 200 largely blameless journalists, sales people, designers and finance staff walk the plank to save their superiors, we take a moment to celebrate the News of the World's most memorable front page splashes.

From celebrity sex scandals to sporting corruption via loads of stuff that made the royal family whince, we might not have always liked what it had to say but nothing raised our eyebrows quite like the News of the World. Click below for our highlights.

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