Wednesday, January 16, 2008

5 Visual Clues to Guessing 'Her' Age

Can You Guess Her Age?

by Martica Heaner with additional research by Valerie Kramer Davis | Photography by Lisa Spindler

We asked our “age detective” for the subtle signs that reveal a woman’s age. Use these visual clues to guess how old our model is—then try our tricks so you can keep even the pros guessing.

Eyes and Mouth

Clues 1 and 2: Barely-there brows and the incredible shrinking smile are a dead giveaway.
Age - Mouth

Ears and Neck

Clues 3 and 4: Wobbly ear lobes and paper-thin neck skin are evidence of years gone by.
Age - Neck

Navel and Breasts

Clues 5 and 6: "The girls" have lost their perkiness and pregnancy has changed the shape of your belly button.
Age - Navel

Elbows and Knees

Clues 7 and 8: Even saggy knees and superdry elbows can show your age.
Age - Elbows

Hands and Feet

Clues 8 and 9: Tendons and veins on your hands, bumps and cracks on your feet are all signs.
Age - Feet

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