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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Unicat Amerigo International Is Good For Regular, Zombie Or Financiapocalypse

By Matt Hardigree

The folks over at UnicatAmericas are no stranger to the idea of living in a vehicle and have sent over a nomination for their International-based Unicat as a proper vehicle for surviving the financiapocalypse, which may require some to live in their vehicles, and the Zombie apocalypse, which presents its own problems. This particular survival vehicle has a 2,000-mile range and carries enough supplies to keep four people alive for more than three months. The other features that make the Unicat an excellent choice for our bleak future (or for people who like to hang out in rough environments) below.

When The Going Gets Tough

We Get Going In A Unicat

In addition to the capable off-road setup and an interior that looks as comfortable and modern as our own apartment, the Unicat features a 110-gallon freshwater tank and an RO watermaker that can decontaminate and desalinate from almost any source of water. A military-grade first aid kit is setup for most minor emergencies and a complete set of tools (including self-extraction equipment) will keep most people moving in safety. Roof-mounted solar panels help power the Unicat, which features a full suite of global communications equipment as well as an advanced entertainment system for keeping your crew entertained when not on zombie patrol.

A frequent point of discussion when identifying a great survival vehicle is the inclusion of a BOV (bail-out vehicle). The Unicat can be outfitted with two bikes, motorcycle, kayak and a 15' Zodiac with a 15 hp outboard motor.

There's also plenty of storage for extra hunting/fishing/SCUBA gear or whatever you think you'll need to stay alive in the radioactive deserts of the future. It may be more expensive than your house, but your house can't travel 2,000 miles without stopping for gas.

But far and away the best part of the Unicat Amerigo International is this note from the marketing brochure:

"This is the ultimate family Expedition Vehicle."

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