Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gallery of Fans' Pimped-Out Star Wars, Battlestar Cars

Dean Shorey built this car, based on the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica, by hand. (It looks like old Battlestar, not new.) Corey's not the only fan to have customized his car into a starfighter out of science fiction shows or movies. Click through for more fan-pimped vehicles, including a gallery.

katiehornrulez.jpgMy favorite SF car, besides Corey's, is Katie Horn's Red Five X-wing car. It started out as an early 90s Toyota Tercel, then she gave it a new base coat of paint and then spray-painted on X-wing markings. But what puts her car over the top is the blast marks she spray-painted on.

There's also Shawn Crosby's A-wing car, which has been featured in Wired. Another fan turned his pick-up truck into an X-wing fighter, complete with R2DT in back. And then there was the Fiat that someone tricked out as a Hoth ice cruiser and tried to sell on eBay for $40,000.

Unfortunately, Star Trek fans have fallen short in the pimped-out cars category. The main Trek car seems to be the Seven Of Nine Car, which has a model of the Starship Voyager on its hood and pics of Jeri Ryan all over the body. Must try harder, Trek fans. Where are the cars with warp nacelles?

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