Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Toilets in Cambodia: Just in case you forget how to do it

Just in case you forget how to do it

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (more photos)
Credit: Kristen Frake
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Uploaded by kristen frake

6 hours ago Faran Rashid wrote: I have a friend who lives in the U.S and still does that...should i "dump" him as a friend ??

22 hours ago Prasanth Akundi wrote: Yeah...a lot of countries in the east don't have western/european squat over a hole in the ground with running water.

1 day ago Kendrick Som wrote: The Cambodian script reads "HAAM JOUAN" or "NO SQUATING"

1 day ago Eva Zavaro wrote: Check out this other cool toilet photo in New Zealand

1 day ago Gil Ruda wrote: I'm happy that the technology of smells in photos is not applicable yet

1 day ago Guy Pazi wrote: Kristen - cool photo. I also like your other photo - Line up to Dunkin Donuts

1 day ago Guy Pazi wrote: The thing is, that the left person is simply smaller. If he'll sit, he'll fall in.

1 day ago Shay Fodor wrote: What are the Cambodian letters says? Perhaps:"don't jump to the water"

1 day ago Ron Mertens wrote: Ha! I think the left one is actually rather more hygienic, no? :-)

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